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  • Wales Open Data Index

    Wales open data provides data and open resources on health, education and environment
  • The World Bank Open Data

    The World Bank Development Data Group provides global and national statistics to clients within and outside the Bank and to improve the capacity of member countries to produce...
  • Open Research Central

    Open Research Central is a portal through which research in any field can be submitted for formal publication on one of the open research publishing platforms.
  • Open Data Camden

    Open Data Camden is the place for the public, researchers and developers to access, analyse and share information about the borough.
  • Knoema Data Hub

    Knoema provides data seamlessly by connecting public and private sources and making data discoverable and accessible to information workers. Knoema does for data what Google did...
  • Gapminder

    Gapminder works with universities, UN, public agencies and non-governmental organizations to offer free teaching resources and statistics
  • Eu Open Data Portal

    Europa provides data information from EU institutions and other EU bodies
  • Data Mill North

    Data Mill North offers Open Data information from multiple sectors in Leeds and helps the local community to use the data creatively to gain understanding and new service...
  • Data London.Gov

    The London Datastore is a free and open data-sharing portal where anyone can access data relating to the capital. Whether you’re a citizen, business owner, researcher or...